The District is rated by the ISO (insurance Service Office or Verisk). This agency sets fire service ratings that are used to determine your home owners fire insurance rates. If you reside within five road miles of a recognized fire station the protection class is a 3.  If beyond five road miles of a recognized fire station, the protection class is a 10. Recognized fire stations do not have to be a Wentzville Fire District fire station to qualify.  It can be a neighboring district or department. Google Map your address to the closest fire station from your home or business.  Contact ISO directly should you have any questions or concerns 1-800-444-4554.

The District follows the St. Charles County Ambulance District Medical Directives in accordance with, and under the guidance of Dr. Leo Hsu.

For further information regarding medical policies and procedures as they pertain to The Wentzville Fire Protection District please contact Captain Chris Boggs EMT-P/ Fire District Medical Officer or visit for a list of options to obtain a printed copy of our Medical Directives.