Tough stains or a lot of grit and grime can drive people to try different types cleaning products. When these chemicals are mixed it can be deadly, especially ammonia and bleach.

Mixing bleach and ammonia creates chlorine gas, which is so powerful it was used as a chemical warfare agent in World War I. It is poisonous enough to kill.

The gas created by this combination is deadly from the start, and is not safe to use inside or outside. The mixing of these chemicals is not a rare occurrence. Every year poison control centers get hundreds of thousands of calls because of it, making it one of the leading complaints they receive.

Beyond bleach and ammonia, no household cleaners should be mixed. Each one is crafted for a specific purpose and the chemicals is each one are not meant to be combined with other products.

If you ever start feeling sick or lightheaded, or smell a fume that just doesn’t seem right while you are cleaning or renovating your house leave immediately and call 911.

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