Our History

The Wentzville Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1928 and after several meetings a Model T vehicle was purchased with a small water tank, limited amount of fire hose and a small pump.  It was housed in a garage on Linn Avenue in the City of Wentzville.

For several years this was home for the Wentzville Volunteer Fire Department.  In 1934, the City of Wentzville built a City Hall to house a deep well and the city offices.  They also made room for the fire equipment to be housed in that building as well.  This was home for the next 20 years.  During the early 1940’s, there was a committee in the process of sending out letters to the public to solicit funds for a new pumper and equipment.  Through the years, a variety of fundraisers were used to keep the Volunteer Fire Department running.  Some of the fundraisers were: baseball & softball tournaments, Plays performed by the volunteers, plus a volunteer public fire tag subscription system.

In 1942, a Central Fire Truck was purchased.  The volunteers continued to improve the fire service to the Community of Wentzville.

In 1954, the volunteers purchased a new pumper and it was put into service and housed in the lower level of City Hall.

 In 1959, the First Fire Station was built to house the offices and trucks of the Volunteer Fire Department.  This became Fire Station #1 and still remains the Fire District Headquarters and Fire Station #1 today.

 In 1971, the Wentzville Fire Protection District was formed by approval of the voters.  The district encompasses an 88 square mile area of Western St. Charles County.

In the 1970’s, the second engine house was added to supplement Station #1 in the City of Flint Hill.  In the early 1980’s, a third engine house was added in the City of Foristell.  In the late 1980’s, a fourth engine house was added in the Dardenne Prairie area.  As of today, the Wentzville Fire Protection District consists of four engine houses and 20 pieces of apparatus.  The fire district consists of both rural and urban communities with industry and manufacturing areas mixed in.

Station #1 is located at 209 West Pearce Blvd. in Wentzville, and it has two rescue engines, one brush unit, and support vehicles.  Station #2 at 1885 Peine Road replaced 2135 Mette Road in Flint Hill and houses one rescue engine.  Station #3 is located at 1146 Clinton Prinster Drive in Foristell and it has one rescue engine, one tanker unit, one brush unit and a support trailer for the St. Charles County Haz-Mat team.  Station #4 is located at 8200 Orf Road in O’Fallon in the Dardenne Prairie area, and it has one ladder truck, one rescue engine, and one brush unit. Station #5 is at 99 Whisper Creek and houses a rescue engine.

The district’s personnel are comprised of career and reserve firefighters.  Career firefighters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The personnel of the Wentzville Fire Protection District is comprised of 3 Chief/Administrative Officers, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 18 Captains, 34 Career Firefighters, 1 Fire Inspector,  1 Fire Marshal and 2 Administrative Staff.

The services provided by the Wentzville Fire Protection District include Fire Suppression, Fire Investigations, Rescue Service, Hazardous Materials response, Emergency Medical support for county ambulances, building inspections and community services.  Community services include Fire Prevention and Fire Education.  The personnel of our fire district are very active in community service programs.  The fire district personnel promote fire prevention to the local schools, businesses and to the residents of the community that request an educational program or information on fire prevention for their homes or businesses.

In addition to the Fire District staff personnel, career firefighters and reserve firefighters, a three person board of directors governs the district, with the Fire Chief in charge of the overall management of the district.  The men and women, both career and reserve, of the Wentzville Fire Protection District are very proud of their department.  Their mission is to be dedicated to the community by providing the best possible Fire Prevention, Suppression and Emergency Services in a fiscally responsible manner.

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