Meet The Chief

Michael Marlo

Qualification Summary

Thirty-Eight years of Emergency Service experience.

Eight Years as Chief Administrator.

Fiscally responsible for today’s economic challenges.

Highly effective assessment, analysis and Incident Management skills.

Effective in managing the ever-changing dynamics of the fire service, especially integrating new recruits into established cultures of veteran personnel.

Understands both labor and management and has the proven experience to bring both together to achieve the demands of today EMS and Fire Protection District tax payers needs.

Experienced working to achieve increased revenue enhancement, passing both a tax and bond in the previous year.

Experienced with Tax Increment Financing (TIF).  TIF Commission Member for Northwest Plaza Redevelopment Area, St. Ann, Missouri.

Experienced administering budgets and payroll.

Experienced purchasing equipment and networking with vendors.



 Associate Degree Fire Technology and Safety-St. Louis Community College

 Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic- St. Louis University

 Firefighter I & II- St. Louis County Fire Academy

 St. Charles County Police Academy


Current Selected Accomplishments

Chief of West Overland EMS & Fire Protection District- January 2005 to Present.

Reserve Firefighter Wentzville Fire Protection District- Incident Command Assistant.

Board Member of the State of Missouri Fire Education/Safety Advisory Board- Appointed by Governor Jay Nixon.

Board Member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LPEC) of St. Louis County- Appointed by County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Board Member of the St. Louis County Fire Academy- Appointed by the St. Louis County Fire Chiefs Association.

Board Member of the St. Louis County Special Operations Team- Appointed by the St. Louis County Fire Chiefs Association.

Duty Chief for the St. Louis County Hazardous Materials Response and Weapons of Mass Destruction Team.

Member of the Region “C” Incident Support and Management Team.

Member of the International Association of Fire Chief’s Federal “Go Team”.


Past Major Accomplishments

Deputy Chief Instructor- St. Louis County Fire Academy.

Reserve Deputy Sheriff- St. Charles County Sherriff’s Department.

Reserve Police Officer- Wentzville Police Department.

Duty Officer for the Presidential Debate with Hazardous Materials Team

Duty Officer for the World Series with Hazardous Materials Team



 Silver Medal of Valor

 Company Officer of the Year

 Numerous EMS and Fire Life Safety Awards and Letters of Accommodations


Current Certification

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

State Firefighter I & II

State Fire Instructor I & II

State Fire Inspector

State Fire Investigator

State Firefighter I& II Evaluator

State Fire Officer I & II

Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor

Fire Safety Officer

Hazardous Material Technician

National Fire Academy Hazardous Materials Incident Management

National Incident Management System- Command and General Staff

National Incident Management System- Advanced Incident Command System

National Fire Academy All Hazards Incident Management

Incident Command System/ National Incident Management System- Standard Guideline

Incident Command System/ National Incident Management System- Standard Operating Guideline Train-the-Trainer

Advanced Incident Management System

Advanced Management System- Pilot Course

Incident Management System: Operations

Incident Management System: Large Structure Fires



 International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

 International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 2665)

 Professional Fire and Fraud Investigation Association

 Missouri Chapter of Arson Investigators

 Board Member of Kiwanis International


Employment History

 West Overland EMS & Fire Protection District

            Chief 2005- Present

            Captain 1996-2005

            Lieutenant/ Paramedic 1995-1996

            Engineer/ Paramedic 1985-1995

            Firefighter/ Paramedic 1979-1985

            Firefighter/ EMT 1978-1979

            Firefighter 1977-1978


 St. Charles Fire Protection District

            Volunteer Firefighter 1990-1996


 St. Louis County Fire Academy

            Deputy Chief Instructor/ Administrator 2001-2005

            Instructor 2000-2001


 University City Fire Department

            Volunteer Firefighter 1975-1977


St. Louis City Deputy

           Sheriff 1976- 1977


            Certificate List


  1. University of Missouri- Columbia Advanced Management System
  2. Advanced IMS- Pilot Course
  3. ICS/NIMS Standard Operating Guideline
  4. ICS/NIMS Train the Trainer/Instructor
  5. University of Missouri- Columbia Incident Management System: Large Structure Fires
  6. University Of Missouri- Columbia Incident Management System- Operations
  7. Fire Chiefs Assoc. Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service
  8. Fire Chiefs Assoc. Lead, Manage, and Then “Get Out of the Way”
  9. Fire Chiefs Assoc. Corps Business, The 30 Principles of the U.S. Marine Corps
  10. National Fire Academy Leadership: Strategies For Personal Success
  11. Oral Communication Skills
  12. Developing Operational Methodology
  13. Risk Management During Emergency Operations: Instructor
  14. National Fire Academy: Firefighter Health & Safety Program
  15. “So You Want To Be A Company Officer”
  16. Fire Officer I Certification
  17. Fire Officer II Certification
  18. Giving Meaningful Compliments & Constructive Criticism
  19. Motivational Management
  20. Leadership & Fire Officers and The Law


  1. Fire Ground Survival Tactics & R.I.T. Operations
  2. University of Missouri- Columbia Mayday- Firefighter Awareness
  3. Missouri State Division of Fire Safety Fire Ground Survival
  4. Auto Rescue I & II
  5. Air Bag & Safety Training
  6. Rescuing You and Yours
  7. Code 3 Auto Extrication
  8. Confined Space Rescue Awareness


  1. 52nd St. Louis County Recruit Class Instructor
  2. 53rd St. Louis County Recruit Class Instructor
  3. 54th St. Louis County Recruit Class Instructor
  4. 55th St. Louis County Recruit Class Lead Instructor
  5. 56th St. Louis County Recruit Class Lead Instructor
  6. 57th St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  7. 58th St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  8. 60th St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  9. 61st St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  10. 62nd St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  11. 63rd St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  12. 64th St. Louis County Recruit Class Deputy Chief Instructor
  13. University of Missouri Instructor R.I.T.
  14. Instructor Update Techniques
  15. University of Missouri- Columbia Mobil Water Supply Operations Train the Trainer
  16. University Of Missouri- Columbia Rapid Intervention Teal Train the Trainer
  17. Emergency Response to Terrorism: Tactical Considerations For The Company Officer Train the Trainer
  18. Instructor for Fire Officer I Train the Trainer
  19. Instructor for Fire Officer II Train the Trainer
  20. University of Missouri- Columbia Training Designed for Training Techniques
  21. University of Missouri- Columbia ABC’s of Passing Certification Programs
  22. University of Missouri- Columbia Listen Up! Becoming More Effective Communicators
  23. Preparing For Written Promotional Exams
  24. University of Missouri- Columbia Instructor Coordinator- Workshop in Emergency Medical Care


  1. University of Missouri- Columbia Mobile Home Fire Investigations
  2. University of Missouri- Columbia Surviving The Routine Structure Fire
  3. University of Missouri- Columbia Basic Spanish Expressions Fore Emergency Responders
  4. University of Missouri- Columbia Fire On The Scene of Drug Labs- Awareness
  5. University of Missouri- Columbia Emergency Control of Natural Gas & Carbon Monoxide
  6. University of Missouri- Columbia Clandestine Drug Labs
  7. University of Missouri- Columbia Survival Kids: Teaching Kids Life Safety
  8. University of Missouri- Columbia Writing Fire Service Report Narratives
  9. Stop Juvenile Fire Setters Work Shop
  10. Fire Water Systems Inspection and Maintenance
  11. Pyrotechnic Operator
  12. Conducting Basic Fire Prevention Inspections

Bomb & Arson Investigator:

  1. Investigating Fatal Fires
  2. Fire Scene Preservation
  3. Learn Not To Burn
  4. Bomb Scene First Responder
  5. Accidental Fire Cause
  6. Fire Scene Cause and Origen
  7. Electrical Systems & Fire Cause
  8. Photography For The Arson Investigator
  9. Investigating Large Fire Scenes
  10. Investigating Fatal Fires
  11. Report Writing For Investigators
  12. Pyrotechnic Operator Training
  13. Recognizing Gang Related Fires
  14. Fire & Arson Documentation
  15. Fire Investigation: Juvenile Fire Setters
  16. Fire Investigation: Photography
  17. Fire Investigation: Investigating Fatal Fires
  18. Report Writing For Fire Investigator

Terrorism & Hazardous Material:

  1. Incident Response To Terrorist Bombings- Awareness
  2. Emergency Response To Terrorism: Violence In Schools
  3. National Fire Academy Emergency Response To Terrorism: Basic Concepts
  4. Emergency Response To Terrorism: Tactical Considerations For Company Officers
  5. LEPC: LE/ Weapons of Mass Destruction
  6. Domestic Preparedness: Weapons of Destruction Detection
  7. Domestic Preparedness:  The Chemical Detector
  8. Domestic Preparedness: The Toxi- Rae Plus P.I.D.
  9. Hazardous Material/Medical Decontamination Training
  10. New Mexico Tech: Incident Response To Terrorist Bombings
  11. Norfolk & Southern Railroad Tanker Familiarization
  12. Haz- Woper
  13. Fire Chiefs Association: Emergency Response to Terrorism: Violence in Schools
  14. Fire Chiefs Association: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

National Fire Academy

  1. Emergency Response to Violence in Schools
  2. Terrorism: Basic Concepts
  3. Leadership: Strategies For Personal Success
  4. Incident Safety Officer
  5. Firefighter Health and Safety Program


  1. Lay- In The Big Lines
  2. Class A & B Foam
  3. Tactic and Strategies: The First Five Minutes
  4. High Rise Operations
  5. Fire House Software Report Writing
  6. Killer In The Attic
  7. Pittsburgh Two Fires, Two Separate Outcomes
  8. University of Missouri- Columbia Ventilation Methods & Techniques
  9. University of Missouri- Columbia Forcible Entry Practices
  10. High Rise Firefighting
  11. ICS Table Top
  12. Flash Over Survival
  13. Interior Attack
  14. SCBA Refresher
  15. Building Construction
  16. Training In Context- Training Firefighters and Fire Officers For The Streets
  17. Interior Operations Can We Manage The Risk
  18. Positive Pressure During Fire Attack
  19. Incident Command System


  1. Emergency Vehicle Safety Response
  2. Child Passenger Safety Seat
  3. Incident Safety Officer
  4. Air Bag and Safety Training
  5. Preparing The Fire Ground Safety Officer
  6. Firefighter Safety, ICS, Accountability, and Communications
  7. Fire and Safety
  8. Emergency Vehicle Drivers Obstacle Course- Fire Apparatus Driver/ Operator Professional Qualifications
  9. LEPC: Serve Weather Observation

Fire Officer

  1. Company Officer: The Vital Connecting Link
  2. Learning the Principles of Organization
  3. Understanding Fire Service Structure
  4. Communicating Effectively
  5. Learning Group Dynamics and Effective Group Interaction
  6. Influencing The Group Through Leadership
  7. Filing the Role of Manager
  8. Motivating Employees
  9. Career Counseling
  10. Taking Corrective Action
  11. Solving Problems
  12. Managing Fire Ground Procedures
  13. Preforming Size- Up
  14. Learning Incident Command and Communication Skills
  15. Learning Firefighter Safety and Health Practices
  16. Knowing The Company Officers Liability

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