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The Wentzville Fire Protection District was originally formed in 1928 as the Wentzville Volunteer Fire Department by a group of interested citizens. In 1971, the department filed a petition in St. Charles County Circuit Court asking that a tax-supported fire protection district be formed pursuant to Chapter 321 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. As a result, an election was held and the Wentzville Fire Protection District was formed following a majority in favor of the District’s formation.

The District is located in east central Missouri within the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) approximately 35 miles west of the City of St. Louis. The District currently protects 88 square miles in western St. Charles County. Incorporated cities within the District’s boundaries include the Cities of Wentzville, Foristell, Lake St. Louis, and O’Fallon, as well as the Villages of Flint Hill and Josephville. The District is traversed by Interstate 70, U.S. Highway 40/61 (currently being upgraded to Interstate 64), U.S. Highway 61, and the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

The District provides twenty-four hour fire protection and advanced life saving response services. In addition to emergency services, the District issues building permits and conducts construction and code enforcement inspections within its boundaries. The District participates in the St. Charles County Emergency Services Association, St. Charles County Fire Academy, St. Charles County Special Operations Task Force (St. Louis Metro US&R Strike Team #1) and the St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln County Hazardous Materials Team.

The District is rated by the ISO (insurance Service Office or Verisk). This agency sets fire service ratings that are used to determine your home owners fire insurance rates. If you reside within five road miles of a recognized fire station the protection class is a 4.  If beyond five road miles of a recognized fire station, the protection class is a 10. Recognized fire stations do not have to be a Wentzville Fire District fire station to qualify.  It can be a neighboring district or department.  Google Map your address to the closest fire station to your home or business.  Contact ISO directly should you have any questions or concerns 1-800-444-4554.

The Board of Directors and Administration

The District is governed by a three member Board of Directors (the Board) elected at large to six year terms. The day-to-day operations of the District are managed by the Fire Chief under the direction of the Board. In addition to certain administrative duties, the Fire Chief makes recommendations to the Board concerning the budget, building plans, staffing and purchasing. The District’s current Fire Chief, Mike Marlo, has been serving the District since 1986.


The district currently has 52 career full-time paid employees, of the paid employees,  3 Battalion Chiefs (who act as shift commanders), 18 Captains (who act as company officers/supervisors), and 33 Firefighters. The Fire Prevention Bureau employs a Fire Marshal, 1 Fire Inspector/Investigators. The District also employs 2 Administrative Assistants. All of the District’s Firefighters are certified by the State of Missouri as Firefighter II.

Captains are required to be certified by the State of Missouri as Fire Service Instructor I and Fire Officer I. Personnel holding the rank of Battalion Chief and above are required to be certified to Fire Officer II.

Full-time line firefighting employees employed in the rank of Battalion Chief and below are unionized and are represented by the International Association of Firefighters (I.A.F.F.) Local 2665 who maintain a memorandum of understanding with the District that functions similarly to a contract.

Facilities and Equipment

Fire Station #1  at 502 Luetkenhaus Boulevard.  This station serves as the administrative headquarters for the District. It is staffed by 4 career firefighters 24 hours a day/7 days a week, supplemented by volunteer firefighters. Fire Station #1 houses, 1 Rescue Engine Company, 1 Engine Company, 1 Heavy Rescue Company, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Utility Vehicle, and a Collapse Rescue/Shoring Unit. (***This fire station is currently the busiest fire station in St. Charles County – outside of the City of St. Charles)

Fire Station #2, located at 1855 Peine Road  is a new 12,741-square-foot facility sits on 3.277 acres. The station is manned 24 hours a day, with firefighters/paramedics on each shift who are able to provide advanced life support service.

Fire Station #3. Located in the City of Foristell at 1146 Clinton Prinster Memorial Drive, was constructed in 2008 and encompasses 11,000 square feet. Fire Station #3 is staffed by 9 career firefighters 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Fire Station #3 houses 1 Rescue Engine Company, 1- 3,500 gallon Tanker (Water Tender) Unit and 1 Brush Unit.

Fire Station #4. Located in the City of Lake St. Louis at 8200 Orf Road was built in 1988, the station encompasses 4,738 square feet. Staffed with a minimum of 3 firefighters 24/7, this station houses 1 Ladder/Rescue Engine Company, 1 Engine Company, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Hazardous Materials Unit.

Fire Station #5, located at 99 Whisper Creek Drive is a new 12,741-square-foot facility sits on 1 acres. The station is manned 24 hours a day, with firefighters/paramedics on each shift who are able to provide advanced life support service.


The St. Charles County Department of Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for the District ( The Department of Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for all of the fire and emergency medical services throughout St. Charles County. Dispatch and Alarm is supported by a separate tax levy. All of the Wentzville Fire District’s front line Rescue Pumpers and the Heavy Rescue Squad are equipped with Mobile Data Terminals/Automatic Vehicle Locators that provide the latest in technology for emergency dispatching.



In 2007, the District retained the governmental planning firm of Horner & Schifrin, Inc. to conduct an Updated Location analysis and Planning Study to assist in determining growth patterns and future fire station locations. As a result of this study it is estimated that the District’s population currently exceeds 44,000 persons. This is an increase of major proportions and is indicative of the explosive growth being experienced in the District as the 2000 census indicated the population of the District was less than 10,000 persons. Current conservative estimates place the District’s population at over 65,000 persons by the end of 2015.


The District is traversed by three major highways: Interstate 70, US Highway 40/61 (currently in the final stages of becoming Interstate 64), and US Highway 61. Both Interstate 70 and Interstate 64 provide direct access to the City of St. Louis, located approximately 35 miles east of the District.

Regularly scheduled air passenger and freight service is available at Lambert St. Louis International Airport located approximately 25 mile east of the District on Interstate 70. Missouri’s busiest general aviation airport, the Spirit of St. Louis Airport, is located less than 10 miles to the east of the District on Interstate 64.

The District is also traversed by the Norfolk & Southern railroad which also hosts a moderately sized rail and switching yard in the City of Wentzville.


The district is located within St. Charles County, Missouri, one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri. With this growth, the District’s economy has been diversifying from an agriculturally oriented community to a commercial and industrial area. The commercial growth is directly attributable to its transportation network, central location in the United States, and expanding sources of labor and materials. Residential growth has been considerable as an outgrowth of expanded employment opportunities in the area.

A large portion of the District’s economic base is within or near the boundaries of the Cities of Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, Dardenne Prairie, and O’Fallon. The remaining areas of the District are primarily rural with numerous subdivisions. The District’s economic base consists of a healthy balance between residential properties and commercial enterprises involved in service, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing industries.

Strong growth in both residential and commercial development is reflected in taxable property values. During the past five years the District’s assessed valuation grew by approximately 80%. The District’s primary economic base is represented by a mixture of industrial enterprises, commercial enterprises located in several retail areas throughout the District, support/service companies, and medical facilities.

Major Employers

The following table sets forth information regarding the largest employers in or within 1 mile of the District’s boundaries:

Product or Service
Number of Empl.
General Motors Assembly Plant
Motor Vehicle Assembly
Mastercard Worldwide
Mastercard Headquarters
Wentzville School District
National Information Solution Coop
Utilities Software/Hardware
RK Stratman Company, Inc.
Silk Screening
Lear Seating Corporation
Auto Seats
St. Joseph Hospital West
Health Care
St. Joseph Health Center Wentzville
Health Care
Heating/Cooling Products




Electric Power service within the District is provided by both the Cuivre River Electric Cooperative and AmerenUE. Natural Gas services are provided by both the Laclede Gas Company and AmerenUE. Water is provided by Public Water Supply District #2, the City of Wentzville, and the Village of Flint Hill. Stormwater drainage and sewage collection and disposal are performed by the Public Water Supply District #2, the City of Wentzville, and the Duckett Creek Sewer District.


Law enforcement services in the Cities of Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon and Foristell are provided by their respective city police departments. In the City of Dardenne Prairie, Villages of Flint Hill and Josephville, as well as unincorporated St. Charles County, law enforcement services are provided by the St. Charles County Police Department.

Recreation Activities

The District’s residents enjoy the cultural and recreational opportunities available from the entire metropolitan St. Louis area. There are numerous parks and recreational facilities owned and operated by the cities within the District’s boundaries, as well as the August Busch Wildlife Area which is operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation and borders the District.


Emergency Medical Services are provided by the St. Charles County Ambulance District ( Also within or directly adjacent to the District are St. Joseph Hospital West, St. Joseph Health Center Wentzville, St. Luke’s Urgent Care Center, Wentzville Urgent Care Center, Missouri Cancer Care, and the Crider Center for Mental Health Services which serves as the headquarters for community mental health in a four county area.

The 71-bed St. Joseph Health Center Wentzville offers inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services for adults, adolescents and seniors and includes a Mental Retardation and Developmentally Disabled (MRDD) Unit. This hospital also offers the residents of the District a 24-hour full service emergency department, as well as outpatient laboratory, radiology, and cardio-pulmonary services.

The St. Joseph West Hospital, located directly adjacent to the District’s boundaries in the City of Lake St. Louis, is a 125-bed hospital that is recognized as one of the Top 100 Hospitals in America. St. Joseph Hospital West also excels in emergency and trauma services, otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), surgical services, and more. In 2005, St. Joseph Hospital West was given a Missouri Quality Award by the Excellence in Missouri Foundation.


The St. Charles City-County Library District (\library), a special service district governed by a Board of Directors and operated with a special tax levy, has library facilities throughout St. Charles County including several branches within the District.
Primary and secondary education is provided primarily by the Wentzville R-IV School District ( Small portions of the District are served by the Fort Zumwalt School District ( and the Francis Howell School District (

Higher education is provided by the St. Charles County Community College, located approximately 15 mile east of the District, Lindenwood University, Webster University and by the numerous institutions of higher education located in the metropolitan St. Louis area including St. Louis University, Washington University, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

St. Charles County Community College (, established following an election in 1986, is one of only two public institutions of higher learning established in Missouri since 1968. The Community College provides a combination of two-year vocational programs appropriate to the needs of business and industry, the first two years of basic college courses, and adult education programs which allow St. Charles County residents to improve job skills or retrain displaced workers.

Lindenwood University (, a private four-year liberal arts institution offers Baccalaureate Degrees in 19 subject areas including natural science and physics, social sciences, humanities, business administration, and education. Lindenwood also offers Graduate Degrees in business, administration, and education as well as a Doctoral Degree in Education. Continuing adult education at Lindenwood includes not-for-credit courses, workshops, and seminars. Lindenwood’s main campus is located approximately 20 miles east of the District and the University has a satellite campus within the District.
Webster University, a private four-year university, whose main campus is located in St. Louis, recently opened a new satellite campus in the District in the City of O’Fallon. Subject areas offered at the Winghaven Campus include Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees in business administration, information technology, and finance.

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