Community Outreach

The Wentzville Firefighters Community Outreach program was established in 2008 with support from the Wentzville Fire Protection District by Wentzville Firefighters who wanted to do more for our community.  As firefighters, we often see the most tragic events and deal with people when they are at their lowest low.  As a result of what we are faced with we set out to form an organization that could provide a positive spin and give hope to those when they are faced with such an event.

We believe that we can do more for our community than just performing our duties as firefighters and our members have vowed to work on and off-duty to help those that may need our help but may not know where to turn.

Since the inception of the Wentzville Firefighters Community Outreach Program we have helped communities that were affected by natural disasters, citizens that have been plagued with cancer and helped parents to keep track of their children through the Mason's child ID program.

We are here to help and if you know someone in need or may need assistance at an event that helps our community please feel free to contact us and we will see what assistance we can offer.

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